A ‘Magical’ Tale…

Although I myself have not accomplished anything exciting with my magick, I do have an interesting tale to share though, about my great-grandad’s cousin. I recently told my dad about my beliefs (he doesn’t live with me and I don’t see him often) via the phone and he seemed pretty chuffed. He was the reason why I looked into Paganism in the first place, whenever I visited him at Easter or Christmas he’d raise a glass to ‘the original Pagan festival of Eostre/Yule’, and he’s just that laid back type who meditates and listens to Bob Marley. He’s great, so anyway.

He went on tell me about his grandad’s cousin, who was a female witch. She was a part of a coven, whose beliefs were based on Celtic Druidism. She came from a family of Catholics, and one day in her late teens she came across this coven by accident, and realised she had found her true calling. She soon refused to attend church and began practicing magick and worshipping her own beliefs in secret. Her parents eventually found out and were furious. They threw her out of the house, saying she was the ‘spawn of the devil’, so she ran off to join the coven. When she was older, she left the coven, saying she felt that Spirit was calling her from the West. So she packed her belongings and travelled to North America, New Orleans to be precise.

This was where she was introduced to Voodoo. She travelled round, visiting Voodoo High Priestesses and learning more and more about it. Having been greatly influenced by Celtic Druidism, Voodoo was like a different world to her, it was darker, and unique. She soon fell in love with a man who worked at a local market, and was determined to have him notice her. She ignored the advice of the High Priestess she had become acquainted with and cast a Voodoo spell using a doll to make him fall in love with her. She called upon the great spirit of love Erzulie Freda to assist her and did everything in her power to make the spell work. Several nights after she’d cast the spell she had a dream that the man she loved was lying next to her in bed. To her horror, he wasn’t breathing and as much as she tried she couldn’t revive him. She awoke to find that her window was wide open and torrential rain was pouring in, drenching the altar she had set up for Erzulie Freda to carry out her wish.

The next day, she went to visit the market stall where her love worked, but he wasn’t there. She asked the man where he was, and the man simply glared at her with an expression full of hate and disgust. He spat at her and told her he was murdered. She was shocked, and deeply saddened. She ran home to her altar and cried and cried and asked what she had done wrong. She heard an invisible voice telling her that the man’s wife had died of unknown causes the night after she had cast her spell. The man was so distraught that he locked himself in his room and starved himself for days before passing away in his bed the same night she had her dream.

The spell had tragically backfired, and she was so upset with herself that she left New Orleans and returned home. She gave away most of her possessions and immediately stopped practicing magick. Exactly three months after her love’s death she couldn’t live with the guilt any longer and drowned herself in the lake near her old house.

She kept a diary, and just before she killed herself she confessed all in the last pages. The diary, with her suicide note attached, was sent to her sister, and the tale has been passed down through their family and ours for generations. The diary was burnt in her sister’s mysterious house fire, but strangely the final pages remained perfectly intact. I’m not sure where it is now, but I was deeply saddened by the story but also took it as a warning, if it was entirely true of course (my dad tends to exaggerate, but swore blind he told it exactly the way his grandad had told him). It’s a little like Chinese whispers, I’m not sure if I’ve told it entirely right but oh well, it captures the gist of the story!

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell

The purpose of binding spells is to render harmless a person who is mentally or emotionally abusing you. When done properly, binding spells do not harm the target person, they simply make the person powerless to mentally or emotionally harm you.

These types of spells are preferable over revenge spells because you don’t have the same kind of karmic backlash when you render a hurtful person harmless. Whenever you choose to harm another human being, whether they deserve it or not, there will always be some sort of consequence for you or those close to you, so you should always choose binding spells over revenge spells.

Small cloth poppet, with the head unstitched
Needle and thread
Personal item from the person you want to bind, such as fingernail clippings, hair, or piece of clothing
Red ribbon
Black candle


Call on Papa Legba to Open the doors to the Spirit World. Say:

Open the door papa Legba, your child awaits

Open the door Papa, so that I may pass

Open the door Papa Legba, when I return I will thank the Loa.

Light the black candle. Concentrating deeply on the person you are binding, place the personal object inside the head of the doll and sew it shut. Tie the red ribbon around the poppet’s head, and around all areas of the body to symbolize immobilizing the person. Chant:

”With harm to none, my will be done
I hereby bind you (name of person)
Your words cannot harm me
Your thoughts cannot harm me

Your actions cannot harm me
You cannot harm me”

Focus all of your energy into this chant until you feel power coursing through your veins. Visualize the person helpless to harm and abuse you while you are chanting. Take the doll far away from your home and bury it in the woods under a big oak tree. Pour sea salt on the area where the doll is buried. Leave the area and do not look back and do not ever return to that area.

Thank the Loas for their protection and power.

This is a Voodoo Charm Doll I made today. Rather proud of her, since she’s my first second effort! I’m not entirely sure what she’s going to be called yet, possibly Rosette, due to the black roses that act as her hair or headdress. I’m going to do a ritual with her later on, make her know she’s very welcome in my house, talk to her and so forth.
Recently I’ve become so intrigued by these Voodoo dolls, they all have spirits just like we do, some of them may have been human, animal or even not lived a physical body, but they have spirits. Just like crystals do.
I feel that making her and putting my own energy, time and intentions into her makes her all the more powerful.
Also, I placed her - in the second picture - on one of my tops, it reminds me of the Goddess Isis, if you see the link aha. ;)
Blessed Be!

Four Voodoo Love Spells

Anointing Voodoo Oil, a spell to make him want you

Take some household cooking oil. Fill the plastic cap from the bottle with some oil. Put one of your eyelashes in the oil overnight. Insist that he put his index finger in the oil for a minute. Tell him it is a test to see how steady his pulse is, as this will appeal to his machismo. Hold his wrist like you are taking his pulse. Lift his hand and quickly raise his finger to your lips. Apply the oil on his finger to your lips as you would your lipstick. Now kiss him, closed lips. He will begin to see you as his soul mate and want to kiss you more and more.

The Candlewax Cover, a spell to attract him to you

In more primitive times this spell involved writing on banana leaves but paper will suffice. Write his name on the left half of the paper. Write it four times - four is the power number of Voodoo. Now write your name five times on the other half of the paper. Light a purple candle and allow four drops of wax to hit his side of the paper. Fold the paper over so that your names touch and are sealed together with the wax. Purple is the color red and blue – the red of human blood binding with the eternity of the blue sky. Now place the paper flat in a shallow disposable pan and pour water just high enough in it to cover the paper. Now place a red candle on top of this immersed paper and light it. When all of the wax has melted into the water, he will melt into your arms.

His Name As Your Number, a spell to keep him close

How many letters are in his first name? How many in his last name? That is your lucky number. Write it on the inside of your underwear. Every Pair. In ceremony after ceremony we see the devotees of Voodoo taking the number of steps in their magic number, ritualistically, over and over in a sort of hypnotic dance. Pulling in the energy of the structure of his name allows you to control that energy. Having the number tattooed on you is not recommended, as the binding of eternal souls may have more consequences for you than you can even perceive on this material plane.

The Voodoo Doll, a spell designed to bring back a lover

This is the most advanced of the Four Simple Voodoo Love Spells. It is also the most powerful. You must get some of your man’s clothing and his hair in constructing the doll. Making the human form out of one of his unwashed tee shirts is especially powerful. Glue his hair to the top of the doll’s head and put small swatches of his clothes corresponding with where he wears them in order to make your small sculpture even more powerful. A successful doll will control his physical form in the world from entering into any physical activity with another person. If you can retain a speck of lint from his bellybutton to glue on as the facial features of this doll, it has been shown to be one element of the modern world that improves on the power of ancient Voodoo. The stereotype of sticking pins in a Voodoo doll to cause pain is inaccurate. A woman pins her Voodoo doll to her bed to make her man come back to the bed to satisfy, love and comfort her. Pin your Voodoo doll where his pillow goes next to yours. When you lay down for bed, talk to the doll as you would talk to him. Your departed man will psychically hear you and enjoy your desire no matter how great the distance between you two. Nothing will inspire him to change his mind more than the pillow talk you share with the doll made in his image.

Poppets/Voodoo Dolls for Magickal Uses
Safe Revenge Spell

Consider the person in question, and especially their shortcomings in totality.

Now consider their higher self as well, and how they are totally failing to living up to being anything like that.

Now, choose a POSITIVE QUALITY that if it was bestowed on this person, would create maximum conflict and damage in their lives.

For example, a vicious drug dealer who exploits people would have a really hard time of it if they were to develop a conscience, all of a sudden. Or if their heart was to open to love and understanding, or if they were to develop deep insight into how their actions affect others, or how what they’re doing is totally not what the creative order likes or desires.

For such a person, just about any positive quality, such as:

  • honour
  • love
  • freedom
  • vision
  • understanding
  • clarity
  • intelligence
  • heart & soul opening
  • connecting to higher spiritual sources
  • enlightenment

… etc. would cause a real “crash and burn” in their current activities/incarnational unfoldments.

Their “muppet identity” would fall apart and they would suffer GREATLY in the process.

You, on the other hand, if you were to get these back threefold, will GAIN greatly. You stand to profit thrice -

Firstly, you get your revenge and suffering payback on the muppet level;

Secondly, you get to do “the right thing” in consultation with their higher selves;

Thirdly, YOU get back what YOU send out threefold as a bonus.


Light a single, simple candle and sit before it. (I recommend using a colour that you associate with them/their personality. For example, black for ‘heartless’, ‘uncaring’ and red for ‘angry’, ‘dangerous’)

Call up the person and the person’s higher self.

Ask the higher self for a quality which would derail that person’s current muppet life.

Now, speak that quality and gift it to the person:

Upon the planes in which I live,

the gift of  [insert quality] I now give,

to [insert name of revenge target] with all my heart and soul,

to change [him/her] and to make [him/her] whole;

By all on high and law of three,

this is my will, so shall it be.

Visualise the person strongly in the candle flame for a short but intense time, then blow out the candle.

It is done.

Voodoo Dolls and Witchy Update

Hello there!

Apologies for my lack of posts, I’ve been very busy. Yesterday, I accidentally ventured into the weird yet wonderful world of ‘HooDoo’. I became so totally engrossed in this website that I ended up completely losing track of time.

Anyway, today I felt inclined to make a traditional ‘spirit doll’, or ‘voodoo doll’. However, these are not the kind of dolls you stick pins in to reap revenge at an enemy, no. Think of them more as a ‘portal’ to your matron goddess, or spirit, much like a statue, but on a more personal level.

I suppose it’s a little difficult to explain, but I ended up making a rather plump but cute Ceridwen - I have apologised for my sewing skills - which I will post photos of later.

It’s excellent fun, and a very cheap alternative to the actual statue of her (£110!!!), in fact I just reused a lot of old fabric that I had lying around and stuffed her with the remaining insides of an old toy. I also gave her my bracelet that I made, just to make up for the fact that she is rather lumpy in places.

She did take a while to make, and according to many websites about spirit dolls, I now have to spend 24 hours bonding with her… I’m not sure how well she’ll go down at school, or if she’ll even fit in my bag, but oh well!

Blessed Be!

Greta )O(

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