A ‘Magical’ Tale…

Although I myself have not accomplished anything exciting with my magick, I do have an interesting tale to share though, about my great-grandad’s cousin. I recently told my dad about my beliefs (he doesn’t live with me and I don’t see him often) via the phone and he seemed pretty chuffed. He was the reason why I looked into Paganism in the first place, whenever I visited him at Easter or Christmas he’d raise a glass to ‘the original Pagan festival of Eostre/Yule’, and he’s just that laid back type who meditates and listens to Bob Marley. He’s great, so anyway.

He went on tell me about his grandad’s cousin, who was a female witch. She was a part of a coven, whose beliefs were based on Celtic Druidism. She came from a family of Catholics, and one day in her late teens she came across this coven by accident, and realised she had found her true calling. She soon refused to attend church and began practicing magick and worshipping her own beliefs in secret. Her parents eventually found out and were furious. They threw her out of the house, saying she was the ‘spawn of the devil’, so she ran off to join the coven. When she was older, she left the coven, saying she felt that Spirit was calling her from the West. So she packed her belongings and travelled to North America, New Orleans to be precise.

This was where she was introduced to Voodoo. She travelled round, visiting Voodoo High Priestesses and learning more and more about it. Having been greatly influenced by Celtic Druidism, Voodoo was like a different world to her, it was darker, and unique. She soon fell in love with a man who worked at a local market, and was determined to have him notice her. She ignored the advice of the High Priestess she had become acquainted with and cast a Voodoo spell using a doll to make him fall in love with her. She called upon the great spirit of love Erzulie Freda to assist her and did everything in her power to make the spell work. Several nights after she’d cast the spell she had a dream that the man she loved was lying next to her in bed. To her horror, he wasn’t breathing and as much as she tried she couldn’t revive him. She awoke to find that her window was wide open and torrential rain was pouring in, drenching the altar she had set up for Erzulie Freda to carry out her wish.

The next day, she went to visit the market stall where her love worked, but he wasn’t there. She asked the man where he was, and the man simply glared at her with an expression full of hate and disgust. He spat at her and told her he was murdered. She was shocked, and deeply saddened. She ran home to her altar and cried and cried and asked what she had done wrong. She heard an invisible voice telling her that the man’s wife had died of unknown causes the night after she had cast her spell. The man was so distraught that he locked himself in his room and starved himself for days before passing away in his bed the same night she had her dream.

The spell had tragically backfired, and she was so upset with herself that she left New Orleans and returned home. She gave away most of her possessions and immediately stopped practicing magick. Exactly three months after her love’s death she couldn’t live with the guilt any longer and drowned herself in the lake near her old house.

She kept a diary, and just before she killed herself she confessed all in the last pages. The diary, with her suicide note attached, was sent to her sister, and the tale has been passed down through their family and ours for generations. The diary was burnt in her sister’s mysterious house fire, but strangely the final pages remained perfectly intact. I’m not sure where it is now, but I was deeply saddened by the story but also took it as a warning, if it was entirely true of course (my dad tends to exaggerate, but swore blind he told it exactly the way his grandad had told him). It’s a little like Chinese whispers, I’m not sure if I’ve told it entirely right but oh well, it captures the gist of the story!

Magick in Day to Day Life

I often get questions from excited young teens who’ve just got into Charmed and want to start practicing magick straight away. Let’s clear everything up right now. Charmed, as great as it was, is not an accurate depiction of the witchy way of life. We can’t teleport, throw fire at demons or freeze people mid sentence (though the last one would be rather helpful sometimes). Nope, at the end of the day we’re just normal people who cast spells to help us pay the bills or get a new job. Sorry to disappoint, but Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

And another thing, you don’t have to be Wiccan to be a witch. There are quite a few Wiccans out there who don’t practice witchcraft, and there are also a lot of witches out there who aren’t Wiccan or even Pagan. It all depends on you, and if you’re really serious about practicing witchcraft then I strongly recommend doing your research before you decide if it’s the right path for you.

I also get asked quite a lot about the most extraordinary outcome I’ve got from casting a spell. I really haven’t done anything all that exciting, so again, sorry to disappoint on that part. I’ve cast spells to help - not cure, magick cannot cure, but it can help - a friend who suffers from bulimia. She’s pretty skeptical about what I do, but she did say it worked for a while, and she was gaining more control, but I think I need to redo it. The most recent one was just getting a job. I applied for a job in my local Wetherspoon’s a few days ago, cast a spell called ‘Land the Job’, and huzzah! I went to an interview just today and recieved a phonecall two hours later telling me I have the job! Of course you can’t rely on magick though, you can’t cast a spell to get the job then act like a total slob at your interview and expect to still get it. It doesn’t work like that, you have to work with magick.

There are no good or bad witches, there are good and bad people, and some of them happen to be witches.
When we speak casually of magic today, for instance, when we say that the Yuletide season or the springtime is a magical time of year, we mean that it is out of the ordinary, special. Our senses are heightened. Lights seem brighter. Scents are more pungent and evoke memories and images. Music is more clear, beautiful, and meaningful. The numinous seems to be with us in the faces of the people we meet, in the very Earth itself. When we speak of magic in this way, we are using the word correctly for this is precisely the magical state of mind. By helping us focus our attention and awaken our souls, Magic heightens our senses and we perceive in a more-than-ordinary way.
Birthday Treats and Shadow Work

I finally own a cauldron! After months of looking and not buying due to poor funds my best chum bought me one for my birthday! I am beyond happy with it, it’s beautiful and fits in with everything else on my altar perfectly! I was actually so ecstatic when I opened it I squealed and my mum was a little confused (she knows I’m a witch, she tends not to ask or anything) and asked me if I was an evil witch making curses out of newts eyes… oh how I love stereotype!

I need to sit down and have a chat with my mum about my beliefs and witchcraft instead of constantly having to reassure her that I would never damage a soul with magick for no valid reason. It’s true I’m a ‘good’ witch, I use mainly white magick for reasons like protection and health, but I really want to start doing shadow work - not for bad reasons, more for reasons like relationships and sometimes money just to help my mum out now and again.

So with my birthday money I’ve decided to order a few ‘shadow’ spellbooks online, if anyone has any good ones please recommend them to me!

Blessed be


Witch Rant

It saddens me that people so willingly accept religions such as Christianity and such like, yet seem to dismiss Paganism as a ‘joke’. I have lost count of the times I have been told what I am doing is stupid and that magic doesn’t exist. It upsets me, not the actual words themselves, but the fact that these people are so desperate to put people down because of their beliefs, and being so narrow minded.

It’s exactly like me lashing out at someone of Christian beliefs, telling them the idea of one male God is ridiculous and their book is full of lies and contradictions. However, I respect everyone’s right to believe what they will and keep my opinions to myself unless I am debating with somebody. If I was to, out of nowhere, say the above to a Christian, there would be uproar! I would be accused of being disrespectful and blasphemic, although it seems perfectly alright for people to take digs at Pagan beliefs!

At the end of the day, every religion is a river, no matter which one you follow you’ll always end up in the same sea. It doesn’t matter how you worship, what you worship or if you don’t do anything at all.

Besides, do you think that the millions of witches worldwide casting spells daily are doing it for fun? Of course not! People fear what they don’t know, and magic has been glamourised over the years into nothing more than a myth and the stuff of fairytales. Magick is very real to me. It has been practiced for milleniums, centuries before Christianity came along. Take a closer look at Christianity and religions like that, they all have links into Paganism and others!

As Roald Dahl once said “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Enhance Your Magick: Colour Chart


Old, all encompassing, potential manifest, unconditional enfoldment, pure existence, time & space realised, the beginning and the end.


Evolution, everlasting journey, communication, connection, bridging, rivers and pathways.


Young, asexual, innocent, spirit, the light, all colors, infinite potential, genesis, energy, information, the New, the All There Is, unconditional love.


Perfection, untouched, youthful, material and spiritual aligned, blessings, grace, innocent love.


Birth, transition, evolution, movement, unfoldment, active love, success in love, luck, endeavour.


Life, blood, sex, physicality, physical health, physical prowess, war, achievement, physical joy, ecstasy and triumph in physical form.


Conscious self, magic, self manifest, works, art, messages, communication, bridging, unifying, uniting.


Sun, prosperity, soul, accomplishments, talents expressed, success, riches in physical and metaphysical form, service, giving as well as receiving.


New beginnings, growth, child, intellect, intelligence, learning, exploration, adventure, stretching towards new horizons.


Harmony, heart, connection, ecology, being a part of the web of life, finding your place in the world, living in flow.


History, ancestry, relationships, guardians, spiritual protectors, healing, resolution


Enlightenment, many lives, spirituality in action, awareness, cosmic consciousness, awakening

Sky Blue

Infinity, immortality, agelessness, logic, clarity, intelligence

Royal Blue

Wisdom, power, manifestation, success, lasting achievement


Transcendence, spirits, the living universe, beyond human, the journey


Spiritual dominion, self awareness, high magic, responsibility, free will, soul actions

The above can be applied to the candle you choose for your spell, the colour of the clothes you’re wearing, the ribbon you use, the colour of the altar cloth etc. It has been shown that using the appropiate colour to the spell you are casting greatly increases it’s power and meaning.

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