Confessions of a Teenage (Lazy) Witch

It’s taken a lot to actually come out and say this but… I’m a terribly lazy witch.

As my fellow pagans may know, July the 3rd was the night of the full moon - a time where She is the Mother and we all come together and perform some kind of ritual to celebrate this time. But, being the unmotivated fool I am, I totally got distracted by the internet and soon fell asleep at my laptop.

Now I awoke around 2.30 in the morning, which would have been a fab time to perform my ritual had my mum not been asleep and if I had the right candles and incense and so forth. Instead I ended up looking out of my window at the moon (which was unfortunately covered by rainclouds, Mother was probably in a huff with me) and apolgised for my laziness and “sang” a lullaby.

My laziness is getting beyond control! I buy all of these fabulous new incense and candles for spellwork and rituals and never get round to doing them. I honestly need someone to yell in my face before I actually drag myself out of bed and do something.

Being Pagan and a witch involves quite a bit of time dedicated to the craft and the worship of deities and so forth. I mean I set up an altar for Isis a few days ago and I think she’s a bit miffed with the fact I have only burned a small candle and some Egyptian incense in her honour. And to say I’m trying to get myself in her good books for future spellwork and so forth, well, I’m not trying very hard at all!

What can I say, I turned 16 today and I am doing absolutely fuck all to help lift that lazy adolescent stereotype. My excuse is exactly that (Mum: Greta why can’t you stop being lazy and tidy your room/get out the house/wash up/JUST BLOODY DO SOMETHING?! Me: I’m a teenager, that’s what teenagers do all day - nothing), but I’m afraid I’m becoming too lazy for my own good. I’ve decided to do a  banishing spell around the time of the new moon (if I remember), but that seems so far away and I want to get motivated asap before I become a complete hermit. So, if anyone knows any good motivational spells, potions, incense or oils that will help me, please let me know!

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Posted on Friday, 6 July
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